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March 2015
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How our Volt is changing my driving experience
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Posted by: Guy @ 3:55 pm

When we first got the Volt, Becky gave me her old iPod nano so I could plug it into the USB port in the center arm rest and play my selection of music via the center console touch screen (She uses her iPhone). 

So I loaded up the iPod with several favorite albums ranging from rock (Tom Petty and The Boss) to mellow stuff like Cat Stevens and early Pink Floyd.  The thing is that I only want to listen to soft quiet music in the Volt because the whole driving experience is so quiet and relaxing.  Playing Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell” is just not the right ambiance!

So my preferred albums are “Dark Side of the Moon” (I can hear all the quiet little details in the album like clocks ticking!), and Carly Simon and Adele etc.  I have totally mellowed out.  Well, except for the occasional burst in Sport Mode for the adrenaline rush of zooming onto the freeway silently!

The other thing I have noticed is that Becky and I are stingy with driving miles.  We try hard to stay within the nominal 45 mile electric range.  Even though we are driving for free since we charge the vehicle from our solar array, we try to keep trips short.  “Range Extender” mode is hard to avoid if we need to drive down to Portland (90 mile round trip), but nonetheless we have come to resent paying money for gas!  Our last (9 gallon) tank of gas allowed us to drive over 1300 miles (avg 144MPG!)  The dash says our lifetime average MPG is over 132, so we are really doing pretty good… 

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  1. rj Says:
    I am impressed with 82F at 3:12pm…it’s hot in Texas